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China Further Strengthen IP Use and Protection to Assist Innovation

2015-10-22 13:39:39 Website Name Read

China Further Strengthen IP Use and Protection to Assist Innovation

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the Central Committee of Communist Youth League jointly issued " Opinion on the Further Strengthening of Intellectual Property Use and Protection of Boosting Innovation and Entrepreneurship " (hereinafter as the Opinions) and proposed 14 concrete measures in 7 aspects to further strengthen IP use and protection to stimulate enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as to protect the results of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Opinions pointed out that market should fully play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, and the government should play a better role to innovate IP management mechanism, improve the public service system of IP, lead the model change of innovation and entrepreneurship, optimize the competition environment, release creative energy of the whole society, generate more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Opinions took market-oriented principles, strengthening guidance, and actively promotion and actual effect as 4 basic principles, namely, China should use the role of IP as an incentive for innovation and entrepreneurial activity, and fully mobilize market forces to form the entrepreneurship incentives and benefit distribution mechanisms and efficient allocation of factors of innovation and entrepreneurship; to form the indication role of IP on innovation and entrepreneurial activity, innovate the service models and processes, improve the level of innovation and entrepreneurship development through more effective means of using patented navigation; adhere to the principles of policy coordination, active movement, open and cooperation to establish the IP innovative policy and entrepreneurship service system of government guidance, market-driven and social participation, to create good atmosphere for mass entreprenurship and innovation; establish coordination and linkage mechanism to meet the needs of innovation and entrepreneurial activity, strengthen the implementation of assessment and feedback, and constantly improve the policy environment, the institutional environment and public service system for innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The Opinions indicated 7 fields to support innovation and entrepreneurial activity including breaking the innovation barriers, strengthening innovation and IP incentives, promoting the guidance, improving IP service system, strengthening IP training infrastructure, strengthening IP law enforcement and protection and promoting the IP cultural construction. For further strengthening IP use and protection to assist innovation and entrepreneurship, the Opinions also proposed 14 concrete measures surrounding above 7 aspects, including the integrated use of IP policy to broaden IP value realization; encourage the use of inventions to start up the entrepreneurship and provide high-quality public IP services; promote the use of patent analysis results, improve the IP system operation services; enhance IP information access efficiency, develop integrated IP services; strengthen IP training on entrepreneurship, guide all kinds of IP superiority units to provide professional training; increase the patent administrative law enforcement, improve IP protection and aid system; strengthen IP guidance on public opinion, and organize various IP special events.

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