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  • 文件描述:  1.Thisdocumentissuitableforapplicationforassignmenttrademarkregistrationorregisteredtrademark.Itshouldbetypewrittenorprinted.Theassignor/assigneeenterstheformaccordingtotheregulation,andtheformatofi

  1. This document is suitable for application for assignment trademark registration or registered trademark. It should be typewritten or printed. The assignor/assignee enters the form according to the regulation, and the format of it can’t be amended. The explanation below is also suitable for the transfer.

  2. The trademark assignment should be jointly filed by the assignor and assignee.

  3. The name of assignor/assignee, and the stamp of assignor/assignee (signature) should be in accordance with attached certificate document. If the assignor/assignee is a natural person, the number of certificate document should be entered after the name.

  4. The address of assignor/assignee should be filled out with county, city, province according to the certificate of identification. If the certificate of identification doesn’t show the county, city, province, the relevant administrative division should be added to enter. The postal address can be filled out if the assignor/assignee is a natural person.

  5. The domestic applicant shouldn’t fill in English.

  6. The foreign assignee should indicate the domestic receiver on the application in charge of accepting the law document of trademark business to be sent lately by the China Trademark Office, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board. The address of domestic receiver should be entered according to the county, city, province of administrative division in detail.

  7. If the assigning trademark is joint one before or after assignment, please select “Yes” in the column of “belonging to joint trademark”; If not, please select “No” in the column of “belonging to joint trademark”.

  8. For the assignment of the joint trademark, the assignor/name of assignee/address on the first sheet of the application are entered by the name and address of the agent, the remains of assignors and joint assignees are filled out on the attached sheet of the application in order (other attached sheets can be added if in need). The attached sheet shouldn’t be submitted for the un-joint trademark.

  9.For the assignment of the collective trademark, the assignee should file the use of trademark management rules and the name of collective member; for the assignment of certificate trademark, the assignee should hand in the use of trademark management rules.

  10. If the agent is entrusted to declare a trademark assignment, he should fill out the name of agent and make the signature with the stamp of the agent on the space of agent stamp/agency signature. It is not needed if the agent is not entrusted to declare a trademark assignment

  11. One copy of application should be filled out with one application/registration number of a trademark.

  12.If the assignor/assignee is the legal person or other organization, the stamp should be made on the space of “assignor/assignee stamp (signature)”.

  If the assignor/assignee is a natural person, the signature should be made there. The said stamp and signature should be complete and clear.

  13.The application is charge by the classification, the fee for one classification of acceptance of a trademark assignment is RMBY1000, and it is paid by the assignee.

  14. The matter about the application of trademark assignment can be read

  in details on “Guideline for the trademark application(www.saic.gov.cn)”.

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